Karen Guzman-Newton

Karen is serving her 1st year on the GYVC Board. She has over 30 years working in the Outdoor Industry and currently co-owns Poison Spider Bicycles with her husband in Moab, Utah. Karen really fell in love with riding bicycles in college at CU Boulder when she realized you could get to class faster and feel better. Ever since she is still addicted to the freedom, efficiency and thrill of riding bikes of ALL types and she particularly finds it most fulfilling to share that joy with new riders. Karen has coached with GVYC and the Red Devils in Moab and is constantly inspired by the individual growth and accomplishments of the student riders, on and off the bike. When not commuting between GJ and Moab you can find Karen nerding out on multi-modal infrastructure in cities around the world. She is a steadfast advocate that the bicycle is a key component in not only strengthening an individual’s mental and physical health but also the environmental health of our communities.