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26 Jul, 2022




Many of you have already started, and even finished taking care of your coaching requirements with the league.  Thank you!  If you haven’t started this process yet, there is still time.  We’d like to have all of our coaches finished with their requirements by the time we have team camp (August 13-14).


High School Coach Interest Survey: If you are planning on coaching with our high school team this fall, please fill out the HS survey - link at bottom of article


Team Camp: This survey will also ask you if you are interested/able to help with our pre-season team camp on Glade Park.  There will be options to ride with the kids on Saturday and/or Sunday, and to camp with the team if you’d like as well.  Camp is a big undertaking, so the more coaches we have, the better.  It’s also a great way to get to know the kids as the season starts!




We’d like to give a warm welcome to Amanda Stahlke and Scott Britz.  They will be working together to head up our middle school program this season.  Thank you for stepping up as our new middle school directors!


Middle School Coach Interest Survey: If you are planning on coaching with our middle school program this fall, please fill out the quick survey (link at bottom of article).  Getting an accurate coach count is super important, as our number of coaches directly affects the number of riders we can have in our program.  Stay tuned for more info on these events:


  • Middle School Coach Clinic: August 16th
  • Practice will be Tuesday nights Aug. 23-Oct. 11
    • More specifics on both of these to come


Upcoming Events

Other Info.

  • July 30-31: Wilderness First Aid Course
  • August 3: HS Coach Info and Family Info Night
  • August 13-14: HS Team Camp
  • August 16: MS Coach Clinic
  • August 17: HS First Practice
  • August 20: 1st HS Saturday Practice (18 Rd.)
  • August 23: MS First Practice
  • August 26-27: First HS Race (Leadville)

Please make sure you have downloaded TeamApp, and signed up for “Grand Valley Youth Cycling” with notifications on.  This will be our primary mode of communication throughout the season.


Please forward this email to anyone that may be interested in coaching with GVYC.


*If you do not wish to receive these emails, reply “STOP.”


**If you are a prospective coach and are interested in learning more, email geoffrey.williams944@gmail.com.


Thank You,


Geoff Williams

GVYC Program Director

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