team meeting
15 May, 2022

Dear GVYC Families,

Though the school year is not quite over, it’s time for us to start thinking about what’s coming up.  I’m hoping some of this information will help you plan your summer and fall, and answer some questions you may have as the fall Colorado League gets closer.

Geoff Williams

GVYC Program Director

HS Head Coach


Summer Information

Coaching Plans: Starting this year, we have been offering personalized coaching plans.  Training is written and communication is provided by me (Geoff).  We offer these coaching plans in 3 month blocks and they are a great option for the rider looking to take his/her fitness to the next level.  Our summer block is coming up quickly (June-July-August).

The cost is $350 for the 3 month plan and you get: on and off the bike training tailored to your racing goals (XC or gravity) and personal needs, advice and communication, training written to be similar with other riders on the team so you have training partners if you want.

If you are interested in signing up for the training plan please email:  Don’t worry about payment at this point.  We will have you fully register and pay once the new website is up and running.  I just need to know who is planning on signing up so we can get ready for training to start in June.

Free Training Plan: For those that are looking for a basic outline of how to get into, or stay in shape this summer in preparation for the fall season, here is a training plan you can follow.
2022 Summer Training Plan


GVYC Race Calendar: For those that are interested in racing this summer (XC, gravity, gravel, road, etc.) we’ve put together a race calendar.  Feel free to add your name to races you want to go to, as well as add races that may not be on the list.  This is just to help riders and families coordinate carpooling, camping, housing, etc.

2022 Race Calendar


Fall Information

Team Camp: Every year at the beginning of the season we have an overnight team camp to get the season started.  This year our team camp will be on August 13-14.  Like last year, we will be up on Glade Park for camp.  As the season gets closer, and the new registration on the website is ready,  we will release more information about camp.

Our season will start the week immediately following team camp.  Practices will be on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6-8pm.  As the weather cools and the sun starts to set earlier, we will move practices to 5:30pm-7:30pm (this usually happens about 6 weeks into the season).  We race every other weekend, and will have practices on Saturdays on our non-race weekends.

All high school riders will practice together, regardless of school affiliation.  We essentially practice as one big team, but when we go to the races, we race for our school.

Here is the race calendar from the league.  We are in the PIEDRA REGION: COLORADO LEAGUE RACE CALENDAR.

Registration: You will need to register/pay for up to 5 separate things in order to be fully prepared for the upcoming season:





Colorado League

LINK: Our registration passcodes are:

  • Fruita
  • Grand_Junction
  • Palisade

You will need these to register.


If you go to a charter school, private school, online school, etc. register for the public school whose boundary you live in.


If we get enough riders from Central High School, we have jerseys ready and we will form a central team.


Colorado League Races

LINK: Riders do not have to race, though they are a really good time, so we highly recommend it.  You can register for each race individually, or all 4 regular season races at once.


The CO League also offers scholarships to help cover some of those costs.  The application for those can be found here: LINK 

$240 for all 4 races


$70 for single races.

Grand Valley Youth Cycling

We will let you know when we are ready to take registrations.  This will cover liability waivers, health concerns, and team fees that pay coaches.


GVYC also offers scholarships to help cover some of our costs as well.  To apply, click this LINK


Team Jersey

If you don’t have a high school team jersey, you will need to purchase one.  They are the same design as last year, so as long as you haven’t grown, you can still use your old one.  We will have these available when the season starts.


Team Camp

This is optional and will have a small fee to pay for food and coaching.



More information will come out as the season gets closer.  We will plan on having a family information night before the season officially starts.  Stay tuned for more info!

Here are a couple more links that may be useful as you start to think about summer and fall plans: