In this section you will find answers to our most asked questions about programs, costs, registration, and equipment. If you don't see your question answered, please navigate to the contact us page and we will get back to you soon.

What do my GVYC fees go to?

GVYC fees pay our wonderful coaches, training for coaches and team gear. In the fall, our high school dues also cover the cost of getting the trailer to races, early season team camp and end of season celebration.

What do CO League fees go towards?

For the fall high school session, high school students are required to join the CO league. The fees paid to the CO league help pay for insurance during practices and races as well as race day support. Information about the CO High School Mountain Bike League can be found at Fall registration directions will be posted in June or July.

Are scholarships available?

The GVYC board is working with a dedicated group of parent volunteers to provide robust fundraising opportunities that aim to decrease costs to participate significantly. Even with reduced fees, we realize there are a lot of expenses. If you need help covering costs for GVYC, registering for the CO league, participating in races, or obtaining a bicycle please reach out to our executive director. Additionally, the CO league has scholarship opportunities available:

Where do I register?

You will register on this webpage for all GVYC programs. Current offerings can be found at
There will be a separate link provided for our high school fall program that will include directions for registering with the CO league and race registration.

When will registration open?

Typically registration for the spring session will open around March 1 and registration for the fall session will open around May 15.

Do I have to register for races and the CO league?

High school students participating in the fall program are required to register with GVYC and the CO league. The CO league fees cover part of our required insurance. High school students do not have to race, but are encouraged to at least attend a race weekend to support and encourage teammates. Middle school students do not need to register with the CO league as we do not participate in racing in that age group.

What if my child does not have an adequate bike?

At the beginning of the fall season, GVYC conducts a bike check with each student to resolve minor mechanical problems and identify any larger safety concerns. Any pertinent findings will be communicated to parents/guardians. GVYC occasionally has bikes donated to the program that may work as a loaner bike or “earn to own” by contributing time to GVYC through different volunteer opportunities. If you have a need for a bicycle or have questions about what an adequate bike would be, please contact us.

What equipment is needed?

At a minimum, each student needs a mountain bike in good, working condition, a helmet, closed toed shoes, and a water bottle or hydration pack. We also highly suggest a small tool kit, spare tube and pump or CO2 cartridge, and gloves and eye protection (sunglasses) If you are going to race in the fall program, you are required to have a high school team jersey (FMHS, GJHS…). White and red blinker lights are recommended if your group will be riding on bike paths or roads-these are to help you be seen, not to help you see.
For Skills programs: Flat pedals, knee and shin guards and elbow guards are requires
For Gravity programs: Required Equipment
Well maintained and functional dual suspension mountain bike
Recommended minimum of 140mm rear travel and 150mm front travel
Recommended tires with 2.4 or more width
Helmet and pads
Knee and elbow pads required
Full face helmet required
Optional equipment includes chest, back protector and/or neck brace

How do I purchase a jersey?

Jerseys are custom made and generally take 8-12 weeks to receive. Opportunity to order jerseys is announced in May with an order deadline of June 15.

Where do I find calendar of trainings and races?

Key events are published on our website: parent information nights, registration opening, special events, and race schedules. We also use Stack TeamApp to communicate specifics on training groups and locations, race weekend coordination, and other opportunities.

What are the practice locations?

Middle school and high school groups start the season at Wingate Elementary. Lunch Loops, and various trailheads off Little Park Road are also used during the week. In the fall, when the high school teams aren't racing they have Saturday rides at 18 Road, Kokopelli, or the Grand Mesa. The high school group will access trails at 18 Road or Kokopelli for their Saturday rides. A schedule will be provided to each student during the first few weeks of practice. Coaches will communicate using Stack TeamApp if a location change or cancellation is necessary.

What if my child can't make practice?

You will receive contact information for your student's coach at the beginning of the season. Please communicate absences directly with your coach, this information does not need to be broadcast to the entire team on TeamApp.

How many days a week do we practice?

Middle school students will ride one day a week in both fall and spring sessions. High school students will have three training opportunities a week.

What do race weekends look like?

Our high school team will race on four alternating weekends in the fall culminating with a state championship race in late October. Our region alternates between racing on Saturdays and Sundays. Racers have the opportunity to pre-ride each course the night before the race. Students are broken into groups: freshmen, sophomore, JV, and Varsity. We are not a school district-sponsored team, therefore it is the student's responsibility to get to races. Parent volunteers provide team snacks and water throughout the day. Race days are full days. More details are provided in the student handbook.

Where are races?

In the past races have been held in Eagle, Durango, Glenwood, Nathrop, Leadville and Snowmass. We will post location for the 2023 season when they are finalized.

How do I volunteer?

During our fall high school race season we will have a parent volunteer sign-up link on our TeamApp. If you see a need that is not being met we invite you to jump in!

What does my child gain from being part of GVYC?

Students participate in a team sport with no tryouts and no bench. Riders make new friends that also like to ride bikes. Students spend time outside enjoying our amazing trails and discovering new areas to ride. Riders are challenged, learn, fail, try again, conquer, and gain strength in fitness and character.

If I have concerns or issues who do I talk with?

Start with your child’s coach (this may not be the head coach). If your concern is not addressed to your expectation, then talk with the head coach. If you still have a concern, then please reach out to the executive director. If, at this point, you still have a concern then the GVYC board chairperson would be your next connection.

Is there swag? How do I purchase?

We are currently working hard on a new logo and cool swag. Stay tuned to the website for the unveiling and order form.

How does my child become "lettered" and recognized by his/her school?

Lettering criteria will be distributed to high school students in the fall. Basic components are regular participation in team events (practices and races), positive character traits such as respect, work ethic, safety, teamwork and a positive attitude, follow and respect GVYC and CO league rules, GPA of 3.0 or above, community service and participate in your school based club.

Do we have a carpool list if I can’t get my child to a race?

We do not have a specific list, however we encourage you to get to know other students in your area. There are always parents willing to take an extra student.

How is the middle school group different from the high school group – do they race?

Our middle school program is focused on developing a well rounded rider and creating foundational skills. Our high school fall program really focuses on fitness and builds toward cross country mountain bike racing. Our spring high school program offers a fitness night, a skills night and an enduro option.

Do you offer other programs?

GVYC is developing a summer gravity program in 2023.

My student is new to mountain biking, will they get to race or will they "sit on the bench?"

The wonderful thing about our league is that if a student wants to race, they are welcome to race. Every year we have students new to mountain biking and new to racing. We cheer, support and encourage everyone to give racing a try. No one is benched, there are no try outs.

Where do you sleep on race weekends? Is there a team hotel?

In past years families have sought out their own lodging. Some have chosen hotels and others camping. Most race venues offer discounted camping at or near the venue. For the fall 2023 season we have a group of parents working on group hotel blocks as well as group camp sites. We will share information as it becomes available.

My student doesn't attend one of the main high schools or is home schooled - can they still race with GVYC?

Yes! A high school team is required to have at least 5 riders, therefore we don't have teams at every high school or a home school specific group. If your child does not attend PHS, GJHS, or FMHS they are more than welcome to ride with any of those groups. We have students from CHS, Caprock, online and homeschools that ride for the three mentioned schools.