Alma slicing through the creek
30 Aug, 2023

Race #1 of the 2023 Season went down this past Sunday in Leadville, CO. Mother Nature threw a few curve balls with rain, thunder, lightning and even some hail. Some races went off fine, while others were shortened or had racers pulled off the course. Through it all, the GVYC team smiled, did what needed to get done and rode their tails off.

The Grand Junction HS Team took home the team win in Division 2 while Palisade and Fruita Monument ended up 3rd and 9th in Division 3.

The highlight of positivity and perseverance were Alma McGowan and Beck Sharp in the Sophomore Girls category. After getting pulled off the course, told they had times from a lap split and were done for the day, they were then told they were going back out to race a one lap race. Both Alma and Beck were already dry and warm, but went out anyway and CHARGED to 1st and 3rd place finishes in the POURING rain.

And, also massive props to Liam Preslan in his first race ever who also had to deal with pouring rain, hail and the trail actually turning into a creek to finish his lap in the Freshman Boys.

Great performances from everyone including these top 10's:

Varsity Girls

5th- Scarlett Hardie

8th- Kate Rizzo

Varsity Boys

🥉3rd- Ben Garmany

9th- Jon Azbell

JV Girls

4th- Sienna Guzman Newton

JV Boys

4th- Riley Grimes

8th- Rowan Ferguson

Sophomore Girls

🥇1st- Alma McGowan

🥉3rd- Beck Sharp

Click here for full results:

It was a great start to the season and the crew is ready to rock in two weeks at Race #2 in Glenwood.