Tuesday and Thursday Evenings April 25th to May 24th 5:00 - 7:30PM
Open to riders in 6th to 12th grade

The spring gravity Program will introduce and develop mountain bike skills focused on gravity-oriented disciplines of mountain biking (Downhill, Enduro).  The program will focus on practicing and applying fundamental skills of mountain biking to going faster on downhill and technical terrain.  Emphasis will be on body position, braking, descending and cornering on intermediate and advanced technical terrain.

Required Equipment
Well maintained and functional dual suspension mountain bike

  • Recommended minimum of 140mm rear travel and 150mm front travel
  • Recommended tires with 2.4 or more width
  • Flat pedals and mountain bike shoes recommended

Helmet and pads

  • Helmet and Knee pads required
  • Optional equipment includes elbow pads, chest, back protector and/or neck brace