GVYC 2023 Special Edition T-Shirt $25
GVYC 2023 Special Edition T-Shirt

Featuring design from GVYC alumni, Raleigh Carlton. 
Unisex sizing available

Raleigh graduated from GJHS in 2020 and is our first student-athlete to participate in GVYC's Special Edition art t-shirt design.

Currently Raleigh is living in Bozeman, Montana studying architecture and anthropology.  He works as a barista at a fast-paced cafe on Main Street, in addition to selling original artwork and stickers.  He can be seen riding his fixed-gear gravel grinder almost every day to work, school, or just to clear his head.

"My favorite thing about GVYC was the group dynamic where everyone shared the same love for being outside on bikes; it brought out the playful kid in all of us.: And even now, "I take lots of inspiration from the culture of mountain biking, another form of personal expression and activity that gets people outside, together.  As a GVYC alumni, I was stoked to do this artwork which exhibits the pure fun of MTBing in the gorgeous Grand Valley."

Thanks, Raleigh, for continuing to support the GVYC family!


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